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The It Colors of the season - with no Chanel polish in sight.

Season after season, the nail polish giants anoint a new It Shade; this season there’s deep purple from Chanel, metallic navy from Laura Mercier, and even nude from Dior.

It’s a cycle we’ve grown to know and love, but sometimes we wonder: Is there more to nail beauty than the latest shade from a couture fashion house?

StrangeBeautiful thinks there is. Launched this winter by Jane Schub, each season features a new “library of color”, which translates into an edited selection of the eight shades you don’t own but want to wear.

Think bright turquoise, clementine orange, soft lilac, and a milky brown among the offerings—all formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP free. Because each collection is limited edition and one-off, you have a limited time to add these colors to your stash of polishes. And don’t forget the artisanal component; all eight shades come in a handmade, hand-etched box. It’s not quite the same as a Chanel bag sitting on your vanity—in fact, it’s better.

$79 for eight polishes at strangebeautiful.biz